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How do we customize clothing?

We use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and a heat press to apply your design, logos and images onto material.  We use high quality, special vinyl that stretches with the garment, and washes well.

We can put your custom idea, name or logo on any piece of clothing/material including:


  • t shirts, hoodies, tank tops

  • hats

  • pants

  • drink coozies

  • material bags

  • uniform for your business

  • sport team shirts, numbers, last names/logos

Unlike other places, we will do one shot deals with no set up fees. We will also do bulk orders.

You can purchase your own item, bring it to us and we will label it for you or we can order for you.  We will customize all your items.  Are you having a hard time gift shopping for someone?  Put their 

favourite saying on a shirt.  Do you and your friends have a club?  Car club, horse club, just for fun club, let us design a shirt for you and your crew. Discounts available for bulk orders.